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Dies sind unsere freundlichen und professionellen Lehrer

Dies sind die Yoga-Lehrer, die die Yoga-Kurse in 2018 unterrichten. Jeder von ihnen ist hoch qualifiziert und erfahren, aber genauso wichtig ist dass sie immer freundlich und zugänglich sind (in Englisch).

Amy Chambers

Amy chambers 1

Fitness Instructor - Vassiliki

Amy joined us in 2011 for the fitness side of the Healthy Options programme and is now managing the Vassiliki centre as well as teaching. Amy grew up in Cyprus; it was there that her love of water sports and triathlon began. During university, she competed in the British Triathlon Championships and then went on to teach a variety of water sports including kite-surfing, windsurfing, and diving in various locations around the world.
Throughout this time, her love of all things fitness-orientated has continued to grow; she is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and holds various swimming and aqua qualifications. She’s a regular in the yoga and Pilates classes, believing that all the classes complement the other and is constantly learning from her team mates.  She is also a Level 5 Advanced Windsurfing instructor and is really looking forward to not just getting people out on the water, but comfortable IN the water too.
Throughout this season, Amy will be teaching Body Sculpt, Swiss Ball, Run Circuits, Hydro Fit and swim technique classes.  If that’s not enough to get your heart rate going, Amy will also be available to give those who are interested some beginner windsurfing tuition or 1-1 swimming lessons.
Amy has a wonderfully fun and realistic approach to fitness and loves teaching at all levels. But don’t worry, she won’t be enrolling anyone in a boot camp, after all, our philosophy of doing as little or as much as you like always applies!
It’s important to me that people have fun when they’re exercising, I really try and TEACH people when they’re in my classes, so they have some knowledge to take home and there’s nothing more I love than giving people new experiences and skills, particularly in/on the water!

Amy Chambers will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 7th October

Alexia Dranidi

Alexia dranidi

Yoga Instructor - Syvota

After many years of practicing yoga and developing a profound interest in alternative therapies and the numerous physical and psychological benefits of yoga, Alexia pursued her aspirations and qualified as a 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher and as a therapeutic Thai massage therapist. She is a firm believer that rediscovering that connection between the body and the mind is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life and living it to its full potential.

Her teaching style is a personal mix of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa techniques, aimed at empowering individuality whilst synchronizing breath awareness with correct posture alignment in order to create a harmonious flow of movement and a stillness of the mind. She also teaches Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation and her Thai massage incorporates elements from yoga, meditation and breath awareness so as to release tension and truly experience a deep state of relaxation.

Alexia feels she is honoured to have the privilege of sharing with her students what she has learnt and to help them realize a deeper awareness and connection to themselves and the world around them. Her classes are a celebration of life and an opportunity to love, breath, live, laugh and shine both on and off the mat! Let your breath inspire you!

Alexia will be available in Syvota May/June and Spetember

Learn more about the activities at our Syvota centre

Alexia Dranidi will be available in Vassiliki from 1st September to 30th September and 6th May to 31st May

Holly Anne Pearn

Holly anne pearn

Pilates Instructor - Syvota

I am a Pilates & Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist.
I found my passion when I began my training with 'Modern Pilates' ... this is a clinical approach to the Pilates Method which gave me a great insight into the anatomical workings of the body, providing me with a fantastic foundation as a teacher.
I have experience teaching Pilates and Yoga in a variety of environments; including retreats, wellness holidays & Physiotherapy clinics in UK and Europe.
I am very excited to be returning to Syvota and to Healthy Options this June, I can't wait to see you there!
Holly x

Holly Anne Pearn will be available in Vassiliki from 3rd June to 24th June

Georgie Ferraro

Georgie ferraro 1

Pilates/Somatics - Vassiliki

Georgie Ferraro has been teaching both equipment and mat-based Pilates for 19 years. She is fully qualified through the Pilates Foundation and is on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a level 3 teacher.
Georgie is a Level 3 qualified Somatic Movement teacher having completed her training in 2014. As well as Pilates, she teaches Somatic Movement to both groups and individuals.
In Jan 2018 she was invited to join the teaching faculty of ALIGN SOMATICS and is now delivering some of their teacher - training programme.
Georgie teaches CPD workshops for the Pilates Foundation and introductory workshops to both teachers and clients in Somatic Movement. She also looks after a number of corporate clients in the City - keeping their employees out of pain!
Her former background is in Psychology (BA hons/M.A.) and in therapeutic work with children and families.
As a teacher, Georgie offers you the chance to begin a dialogue with your body. Tension is the body’s enemy and is responsible for much of the pain we experience.
Developing awareness of your movement and learning to relax tight muscles disperses tension and restores function.
Her approach is both restorative and energising and can be described as a true body-mindfulness practice: ‘Re-awakening the mind’s control of movement, releasing unnecessary tension and finding dynamic alignment; true flexibility, and ease within the body’

Georgie Ferraro will be available in Vassiliki from 9th September to 7th October

Olympia Tsarouchi

Olympia tsarouchi 1

Yoga Instructor- Syvota

Olympia is a qualified Yoga teacher and massage therapist who teaches classes, workshops and teacher trainings in the UK, Greece and Thailand. She joined the Healthy Options team in 2016.
Olympia is multi-facetted and explored many different disciplines in her life: from a Law degree, to professional music, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and other sports. “But Yoga was where everything fell together,” she says. Olympia teaches Anahata Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga and the Five Element Form.
“ I believe that Yoga is a personal journey and the experience is unique to each individual that takes it. As a teacher I aspire to share my experience and knowledge with my students, coming from a space of love and care for the participants. The ultimate teacher is your own individual body and mind.”
Olympia aims to have students gradually develop an autonomous personal practice. She has a special interest in body work, the biomechanics of movement and anatomy, which motivated her to study massage therapies. Olympia is qualified in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Manipulation, Ayurvedic Massage and Thai Massage.

Olympia Tsarouchi will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 30th June and 1st September to 30th September

Lynne Gentle

Lynne gentle

Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling - Vassiliki

Lynne has been practising Pilates since 1996, when she loved how it restored her lost power following childbirth. At the time she had a successful career in London but her epiphany came and she began to train as a Pilates teacher on the side of her regular job. She set up her Harley Street practice ‘Gentle Movement Clinic’ in 2010, and has since been teaching people to treat themselves.

She describes herself as a Manual and Movement therapist and has been helping people to feel good, teaching them to get rid of aches and pains, and restore natural, balanced posture. Her work is not exercise, but movement, and is a firm believer that if you move well, you move often.

At Healthy Options, Lynne will be leading special Yamuna Body Rolling taster sessions, a cross between foam rolling and rolling on a tennis ball, working to realign the body, self massage, and give you a workout all in one.

Lynne Gentle will be available in Vassiliki from 12th August to 9th September

Kathi Elliott

Kathi  elliott 1

Pilates Instructor – Syvota

My name is Kathi Elliott and I have worked in the fitness and beauty industries for the past 28 years.
Over the years I have taught group fitness classes in a variety of disciplines but I now specialise in Pilates group and personal training, plus Pure Stretch and Spinning classes.
I recently completed my 200 hour Yoga Diploma and am excited to be beginning my Yoga journey and benefitting from working alongside the fabulous team  at HO with their wealth of experience.
I also work for the fitness industry awarding bodies ACTIVE IQ and CYQ as a course tutor, assessor and verifier for instructor training courses.
I have my own home beauty business specialising in Electrolysis plus facials, massage and other holistic treatments.
I went to Syvota on holiday last year and loved it so much that I applied to join the team.

I did a week’s trial in Vassiliki last September and am very excited to be join the team in Syvota this year for the month of June.


Kathi Elliott will be available in Vassiliki from 1st June to 30th June

Kirstie Steadman

Kirstie steadman 1

Pilates and Fitness Instructor -  Syvota

My passion for fitness began when I was young. I was always busy at dance classes and loved performing on stage. I started going to exercise classes and eventually did my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification. I started to teach Stretch & Tone, Swiss Ball and Ab group classes at my local gym. I had done lots of Pilates Mat classes and enjoyed them so much that I decided to train to become a teacher. I qualified as a CYQ Level 3 Pilates Advanced Matwork Instructor and knew that I had found my dream career. I went on to complete my Pilates Equipment training. I went to a Pilates convention in Windsor and fell in love with the Classical Pilates repertoire and went to train in this method at the Everybody Pilates Studio in Portsmouth.
As well as teaching Pilates, I teach Aerial Circus skills at my local Circus centre, teaching Aerial Rope, Silks, Trapeze and Hoop.
I enjoy working with all types of bodies but especially sports people, dancers and active bodies. I am in awe of how the Pilates method changes people’s bodies to become taller, stronger, more flexible and improves their posture and movement. It is such an achievement to see clients benefit and change their bodies through Pilates.


Kirstie Steadman will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 1st July

Melanie Hershaw

Melanie hershaw

Fitness Instructor- Syvota

Melanie has been teaching for 20 years, she is a qualified ETM teacher, and a level 3 Personal Trainer and gym instructor.  She has competed in Figure Bodybuilding several times.  Melanie teaches all areas of fitness including Body pump, Spinning, Circuits, Boxercise, Swiss Ball and Body Sculpt.  Melanie also teaches on a 1-1 basis, she is a Speedo Aqua Fitness teacher.
I love making a difference to people’s lives and using the knowledge I have to enhance their general health and well-being.

Melanie Hershaw will be available in Vassiliki from 2nd September to 30th September

Alexandra Bowley

Yoga Instructor - Vassiliki

Alex is a former professional dancer who has travelled the world, intermittently performing in and choreographing shows.

After working in London for the last 15 years combining a career as a TV Executive alongside her continued passion as a Dance Teacher, she decided to take a sabbatical to travel the world doing voluntary work for various International charities.

Alex has a degree in Combined Health Studies and, having practiced various styles of Yoga over the last 10 years, which complimented her dancing, she ended her sabbatical and decided to quit her life in England and chase her dream of living and working abroad as a Yoga Instructor.
She has trained in both Greece and India is now a qualified RTY 600 with the Yoga Alliance. Alex enjoys a variety of experience and has taught everything from holiday beach classes to leading on teacher training courses.

Alex previously went on a Healthy Options holiday as a guest in 2015 and enjoyed it so much she set herself the goal to work for us one day!
“I enjoy a balance of fun and focus in my classes and I allow my dance background to influence my classes in parts, sometimes including music and more fluid movements. I want my students to leave feeling energised and happy!”
Alex’s classes include emphasis on breath, energy, flow, alignment, power and relaxation; postures which will invigorate the physical and mental being, leaving you with a general sense of change, growth and wellness.

“Every class I teach I see as further development in my lifelong journey of Yoga and I enjoy being able to share this experience with others each time we practice.”

Alexandra Bowley will be available in Vassiliki from 16th July to 7th October

Emma Rigby

Emma rigby

Pilates Instructor- Vassiliki

Emma is from London, she studied ballet at the Royal Ballet School, where she learnt a lot about the benefits of Pilates for the rehabilitation of injury and gaining strength and flexibility for perfecting technique. She went on to dance in many classical ballet companies in Scotland, Norway and Madrid before arriving in Paris to dance with Le Moulin Rouge.

Whilst dancing in the Moulin Rouge she used her days to become certified as Basi Pilates instructor on all Pilates equipment, gyrotonic and xtend barre instructor. Emma also works closely with a chiropractor, trying to constantly learn and deepen her knowledge to ensure she can work as safely as she can with her clients. She likes to combine her two worlds, creating classes that flow often to music to allow people to escape and enjoy movement, whilst also working in a way that concentrates on stability and alignment.

Emma can't wait to be spending time this season in magical Vassiliki!


Emma Rigby will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 15th July

Nicola London

Nicola london

Flow Yoga Instructor - Vassiliki

As well as over 20 years dance training and 7 years working as a professional dancer/choreographer and movement director, Nicola has also had 4 years teaching experience. Along side yoga Nicola teaches movement for actors, acting for animation (MA Character Animation at Central St Martins London) drama therapy, yoga for children and young people and creative movements for children and young people. Recently Nicola started teaching barre in North London.

Nicola’s classes combined her dance experience and knowledge of anatomy with her passion for yoga. Expect Vinyasa yoga: creative, unique and lyrical, exploring the ebbs and flows of breath and movement from the very subtle to the most expressive. 

Nicola London will be available in Vassiliki from 6th May to 1st July

Sasha Hollis

Pilates Instructor - Vassiliki


Coming initially from a background of sport and massage, Sasha was drawn to the holistic approach she found in Pilates, immersing herself in the technique during her apprenticeship style training, she found her body moving with much more freedom and awareness than she’d ever been able to connect to before. Throughout her journey she spent time exploring various yoga and meditation techniques, healing modalities and functional forms of movement. Her classes take all these experiences into consideration, her aim being to guide clients to work with a strong self awareness focusing on using flowing and organic movement patterns, utilising a precise approach and calm delivery. Since completing her qi going teacher training she has been exploring weaving the elemental philosophy of eastern medicine into the functional movements she values, to give clients the opportunity to reconnect with themselves physically, emotionally and energetically so their practice has an impact beyond the edges of their muscles and mats.

Sasha Hollis will be available in Vassiliki from 15th July to 12th August

Ida Farneman

Ida farneman 1

Ida teaches Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra to all levels and is a real asset to the Healthy Options Team.

The roads that led to Ida’s Yoga journey started with a backpack and a single pair of flipflops. Always on the move, she paradoxically found momentary stillness through movement, visiting Yoga studios around the globe. It wasn’t before arriving in Rishikesh in 2017 that she first opened her eyes to AshtangaYoga. At first the style seemed a bit intimidating, but with practice she gradually came to love the challenges encountered on the mat. The state she found her mind and body inafter practice was a whole new experience—one that left her acutely inspired.

She witnessed the structure and discipline of Ashtanga Yoga transforming her lifestyle, drastically improving her focus and presence both on and off the mat. The practice soon became a vehicle for personal growth, providing her with the tools and courage to let go of self-doubt, as well as opening her mind to the virtues of acceptance and contentment. In October 2017 Ida headed to Goa for her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow at Kranti Yoga. After a month of immersive practice and blooming friendships , Ida felt that she had only just gotten started. Thus, she stayed on for her 300h YTTC and loved every minute of it.

We are very pleased to welcome Ida as a member of the Healthy Options Team.  She is an always-smiling, radiating positivity and approachability. 

Ida Farneman will be available in Vassiliki from 5th September to 30th September

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Neueste Nachrichten

Thanks for joining us this season at Healthy Options, Vassiliki.

We would like to thank everyone for visitng Healthy Options in Vassiliki this season and we look forward to seeing you again next year for another fabulous season.

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