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What if I have to cancel my holiday because of Covid?

What if my holiday is cancelled due to Covid?

Firstly, if it is deemed unsafe to travel and therefore, we are prevented by any government from operating our holidays, we will necessarily have to cancel holidays and refund or offer credit vouchers for future holidays, as per your choice. Last season, on average we were able to reimburse everyone who wasn’t able to travel within two weeks.

Secondly, whilst our normal deposit is required to book a holiday, we will not request the payment of the holiday balance until we are certain that the holiday can take place.

Thirdly, if you book a holiday and we subsequently offer any strategic discounts on particular dates we will automatically apply the discount to your holiday already booked on a like-for-like basis if applicable (i.e. same date/duration/airport/accommodation). So, you can book with confidence knowing you won’t pay more than someone else booking later – and you’ll be getting the exact holiday that you want.

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