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Georgie Ferraro Guest Pilates teacher Vassiliki: 20th September to 4th October 2020

We are extremely lucky (and happy) to have the ever popular Georgie Ferraro back working with us for a limited time of two weeks this season. She will be offering Pilates classes of different levels every day and introductory Somatics classes throughout the week.

Georgie has been teaching both equipment and mat-based Pilates for 20 years. She is fully qualified through the Pilates Foundation and is on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a level 3 teacher.

She is also a Level 3 qualified Somatic Movement teacher having completed her training in 2014. In January 2018 she was invited to join the teaching faculty of ALIGN SOMATICS and is now delivering some of their teacher training programme.

Georgie teaches CPD workshops for the Pilates Foundation and introductory workshops to both teachers and clients in Somatic Movement. She also looks after a number of corporate clients in the City - keeping their employees out of pain!

As a teacher, Georgie offers you the chance to begin a dialogue with your body. Tension is the body’s enemy and is responsible for much of the pain we experience. Developing awareness of your movement and learning to relax tight muscles disperses tension and restores function.

Her approach is both restorative and energising and can be described as a true body-mindfulness practice: ‘Re-awakening the mind’s control of movement, releasing unnecessary tension and finding dynamic alignment, true flexibility, and ease within the body.’

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